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Happy midsummer!

The trains are running as usual during the whole midsummer weekend.

The booking office is open

Midsummer Friday 23rd of June - Sunday June 25th: 10.00-18.00

Midsummer celebrations along inlandsbanan

Please contact the local tourist office, Below you find some exemples on celebrations along Inlandsbanan:

Mora: Mora Camping 16.00 pm, Morkarlby (central) 15.00 pm (on a lot of places)

Östersund: Jamtli 11 am-17 pm,

Vilhelmina: Saiva Camping from 11.30 am

Storuman: Stensele Bygdegård 11.30 am

Sorsele: Hembygdsgården 11 am-14 pm

Arvidsjaur: Gamla Prästgård 12-15 pm

Moskosel: Rallarcafeet 11.00 am

Jokkmokk: Fjällträdgården 14.30 pm

We wish you a nice midsummer weekend!