Wilderness train | Summer

Experience the land of the midnight sun on an exclusive journey in classic first-class carriages, from Stockholm to Gällivare

Steam train crossing the Pite River in the glow of the midnight sun
Wilderness train | Summer
Midnight sun
Wilderness train | Summer
Silver Museum in Arjeplog. Photographer Magnumphoto
Wilderness train | Summer
Local specialities
Wilderness train | Summer
Rapa valley in northern Sweden

wilderness train | SUMMER

Together with the Swedish Railway Museum, Inlandsbanan offers three unique and exclusive train journeys in 2019. Wilderness train summer will take you to the land of the midnight sun. We start the journey in Stockholm Monday the 24th of June and arrive at Gällivare on Sunday the 30th of June.  

Summer is amazing in Swedish Lapland! The week after Midsummer, we take one of the Railway Museum's classic trains from Stockholm and set off. The greenery of Europe's last wilderness, the silence, the light and the regular sound from the railway tracks promises relaxation and new knowledge. We mix culture, industrial history, divine views and delicious food and experience Swedish Sapmi. Along the journey we will certainly see both reindeer and moose, and also bear if we are lucky. And when we reach Gällivare we take a trip up to the top of Mount Dundret to enjoy the midnight sun.

The towing power is electric, diesel and steam in different parts of the journey.


  • Avesta Art/Verket
  • The 19th century Farmhouse "Bortom Åa" in Fågelsjö, on UNESCO's World Heritage List "The Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland"
  • Mora
  • Östersund
  • Storuman
  • Silver Museum in Arjeplog
  • Arvidsjaur
  • Arctic Circle
  • Jokkmokk
  • Porjus hydropower station
  • Gällivare, Mount Dundret


Welcome! You won't want to miss this fascinating trip!


Monday 24 june - Stockholm, Mora via avesta | electric locomotive

In the morning, the Wilderness train departs from Stockholm Central and travels up via Avesta, through the beautiful landscape of Dalarna to the day's final destination Mora, by Siljan's northern beach. We enjoy the train journey and eat a good lunch in the restaurant carriage before making a visit at the old smelting works turned into a museum: Verket / Avesta Art. Where the roasting kiln once stood is now an unusual and exciting exhibition hall and the blast furnaces and ingot mills have made way for an interactive museum. New technology and artistic creations bring to life the history of Verket and the haze around the blast furnaces has dispersed to reveal an educational and exciting environment. Early in the evening we arrive at Mora, where we are served dinner at the hotel. An evening stroll along beautiful Lake Siljan is highly recommended.

Tuesday 25 june - Mora, Fågelsjö and Östersund | steam-engine

Today the steam-engine will pull the train and we depart from Mora travelling north along the Inlandsbanan. The morning offers both a photo stop and a water take. In Fågelsjö we get to know the Farmhouse "Beyond Åa", one of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites, and after stopping in Sveg we continue on through Härjedalen. Here you come really close to the wilderness and the journey goes through bear-rich forests. In the evening we travel the last leg along lake Storsjön where the Storsjö Beast lives, before we finally reach Jämtland's resident city Östersund.

WEDNESDAY 26 junE - Östersund, Vilhelmina | diesel locomotive

The morning is free for your own activities so we either recommend a stroll through the town or a short visit to Jamtli Historieland, Östersund's award-winning outdoor museum. At lunchtime, the Wilderness Train departs north and today's leg takes you through Jämtland and Ångermanland into Sweden's largest landscape Lapland. In Vilhelmina we stop for dinner at Bergmans Fish, an award-winning restaurant along Inlandsbanan. In the evening we come to Storuman where we will stay for the night. The relax area at the top of the hotel has a fantastic view of the lake.

Thursday 27 june - ARJEPLOG, Arvidsjaur | diesel locomotive

Today we take the train to Sorsele and from here we hop on a chartered bus to Arjeplog to get a guided walk in the town and visit the famous Silver Museum, filled with art from Sapmi. After lunch we head back to the train in Sorsele and travel northwards to Arvidsjaur where the overnight stay takes place. During the trip it is time for the train's chefs to show off and dinner is served in the restaurant carriage.

Friday 28 june - Arvidsjaur, Jokkmokk | diesel locomotive

The whole day is free for your own activities and lunch in Arvidsjaur. A visit to the Sami churchtown of Lappstaden is a must before the Wilderness Train leaves Arvidsjaur late afternoon. Dinner is taken on board and we enjoy traveling along the Inlandsbanan in the bright evening. Just before Jokkmokk we pass the Arctic Circle, where the train makes an appreciated stop. Jokkmokk where we will live is characterized both by the Sami culture and the food craft and we arrive late at night.

saturday 29 june - Jokkmokk, porjus, Gällivare | diesel locomotive

Before departing from Jokkmokk, a visit to Jokkmokk Tenn (pewter) is recommended. Here you can see the artisans at work, creating objects from pewter, silver and gold. Alternatively, visit Ájtte Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum. Afterwards, we leave Jokkmokk for the Wilderness Trains final leg through the world heritage site of Laponia, a large mountainous wildlife area which is the world's largest unmodified nature area still to be cultured by natives, ie the Sami and their reindeer herds. On the way north we stop at the village of Porjus and visit the hydropower station which is over 100 years old, much like the Inlandsbanan. After arriving at Inlandsbanan's northernmost destination Gällivare, we eat dinner at the hotel before setting off on a midnight tour through the mining town Malmberget and up to Mount Dundret to enjoy the rays of the midnight sun.

sunday 30 june - return home, or discover new adventures!

After a night and a good breakfast at the hotel in Gällivare, it is time to plan for your return journey, which is done on your own. From Gällivare it is possible to take both train and plane back south.
We recommend of course that you should take the Inlandsbanan's regular train back down to Östersund, Mora or Kristinehamn, and then continue home. For this purpose, we offer an extra favourable deal for our hop on hop off card, which means that you can travel as much as you want for two weeks and leisurely discover parts of Inlandsbanan you did not see when travelling on the Wilderness Train. Just let us know when you book the wilderness train.

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Prices include

Route: Stockholm-Avesta-Mora-Fågelsjö-Östersund-Storuman-Arvidsjaur-Jokkmokk-Porjus-Gällivare
Travel with the Wilderness Train, between Stockholm and Gävle, one way
Six nights in shared doubleroom at midrange hotels along the Inlandsbanan
Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), except from lunch in Arvidsjaur
All activities and experiences in the programme
Other information: 
The trip ends in Gällivare. One tip is to take Inlandsbanan's regular train to Östersund or Mora. Please observe that at least 70 travelers are required for the Wilderness Train SUMMER to take place. Maximum number is 96 people.

Prices and Booking

Contact us by phone +46 771-53 53 53, boka@inlandsbanan.se or choose date and book below!

Wilderness Train Summer

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