Taste of Lapland

Sami heritage, flavours and mysticism - a journey for those fascinated by food, flavours and nature experiences and who are curious about Sami culture

Taste of Lapland for foodies
Taste of Lapland
sami clothes Ajtte
Taste of Lapland
Silver Museum
Taste of Lapland
Silver Museum in Arjeplog
Taste of Lapland
Midnight sun

Taste of Lapland

If you are fascinated by FOOD and flavours, nature experiences and curious about Sami culture, then this is the trip for you.

Open your senses and discover the land of the midnight sun and Swedish Sápmi. Here you will meet the people, the food, the crafts and the history. You get to hear about the love of the reindeer, the hard life in the wilderness and the ancient traditions that still live.

Båtsuoj Sámi Centre is one of many treasures waiting along the way, as is the unique Silver Museum in Arjeplog. In Östersund, culinary profile Manne Mosten will take you on a foodwalk, and in Jokkmokk you are invited to food tasting “Flavours of Sápmi”. You will also enjoy a Midnight sun tour to Mount Dundret and the mining town of Malmberget.

Welcome to experience the best of Sápmi!

Price 2019: FROM sek 11,990


Day 1 - Arrival in Östersund

Make your own travel arrangements to Östersund, where your package tour begins with an overnight stay. Östersund is beautifully located by Lake Storsjön, where you might catch a glimpse of the famous lake monster.

Day 2 - Enjoy a full day in Östersund

If you want to get acquainted with the Sámi culture at once, visit the Jamtli Museum and the handicraft shop Gaupa. In the afternoon you will meet the city's own ciceron Manne Mosten, who will take you on a food walk in Östersund's restaurant district and tell you more about Swedish food. There will be five dishes in five different places including cheese and chocolate tasting.

Day 3 - Båtsuoj SÁmi centre

It’s time for the first leg of the journey on Inlandsbanan, taking you north passing vast forests and fish-rich waters. Eventually we’ll reach Sweden's largest landscape, Lapland. In Slagnäs, the journey continues with a short bus ride to Båtsuoj Sámi Centre, where you will take part in Sámi life. You will enjoy a Sámi meal that is served in a traditional hut whilst listening to stories from Sápmi. From Båtsuoj we go on to the town of Arjeplog, a place that well reflects the Sámi heritage and which is one of Sweden's smallest municipalities with regards to population.

Day 4 - Excursions in Arjeplog - the silver museum

The day begins with a short guided walk around the centre of Arjeplog, with stories of today and days gone by. The Silver Hall is the Silver Museum’s treasury. Sámi silver glimmers under the blue vaults. Riches and prosperity hidden within collars and belts, jugs, mugs and spoons. This collection of Sámi silver is the largest of its kind and includes close to 700 individual items from medieval times to the 20th century. Lunch is served at Hotell Lyktan. The trip back to Inlandsbanan goes via Galtispuoda mountain where you a day with clear skies can see 140 km, 360 degrees. We join the train in Arvidsjaur, and shortly before reaching Jokkmokk you will cross the Arctic Circle – the entrance to the Land of the Midnight Sun.


There is almost a full day for visiting the Arctic town of Jokkmokk, which for the past 400 years hosts a famous Winter Market. A visit to Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum, is recommended, as is the adjacent Fjällträdgård, where you can study the flora of the mountain world. Entrance is included in the package. Early evening, the journey with Inlandsbanan continues through the world heritage Laponia, to Inlandsbanan's northernmost station: Gällivare. Here you will enjoy the midnight excursion to the mining town of Malmberget, which ends with a trip up to the top of Mount Dundret.

DAy 6 - Gällivare and flavours from sápmi

After a good breakfast at the hotel, the day is free for your own activities, may we suggest a visit to the Aitik mine, the world’s most efficient open-pit copper mine, or a walk up Mount Dundret.

Day 7 - INLANDSBANAN Gällivare TO Östersund

After an early breakfast, it is time to return back south to Östersund. The scenery actually looks different seen in “reverse order”.

Day 8 - Östersund

The trip ends after a nice breakfast at the hotel in Östersund

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Prices include

Travel on Inlandsbanan including Inlandsbanan Card and seat reservations
Accommodation in mid-range hotels, 7 nights, shared doubleroom with shower/WC, incl. breakfast.
Food walk in Östersund with five dishes at five different restaurants
Visit to Båtsuoj Sámi Centre incl. light meal
Guided tour in Arjeplog and a coach trip up Galtispuoda mountain, lunch and visit to the Silver museum
Entry to Ájtte, the Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum, Jokkmokk
Flavours from Sápmi in Jokkmokk
Midnight sun tour to the mining town of Malmberget and to Mount Dundret
Transfer: Slagnäs - Båtsuoj - Arjeplog - Arvidsjaur
Other information: 
Excursions and activities may vary during the season. We reserve the right to make changes.

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