Bushcraft with Inlandsbanan

Come along on an unforgettable journey to the forests of Lappland.

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Learn how to survive in the wilderness

100 years ago mankind lived close to nature under completely different circumstances. In the modern society of today much of the skills and knowledge of our ancestors has been forgotten. Come along on an unforgettable journey to the forests of Lappland. With experienced guides you will have a real adventure and learn the basics of bushcraft.

Clear lake


Day 1

We will meet up at the train station in Östersund in time for the departure of Inlandsbanan. During the trip there will be some theory and practical exercises like, for instance, making your own simple fishing lure and fire starter.

While the train chugs along north though the inland of Sweden towards Auktsjaur (about 16.30) we will get to know each other. When we reach the Wilderness Life Lodge you will be assigned a room in the lodge or a cabin in the area. Dinner will be served in the restaurant, and we will go through our equipment and prepare for the trip out into the wilderness.

During the evening, we will have access to a wood heated sauna, at our base camp at the edge of the lake.

Day 2-3

Breakfast is served in the lodge, and then we go out into the wilderness for three days, with two stays overnight in a tent, tarp, a shelter we build ourselves or under the open sky.

The heart of the adventure is experiencing the woods and nature, and in an informal setting, with the forest as our classroom, you will learn things such as survival, fishing, making a fire and much more. We will be cooking all meals together, and our camp fire will be the center of our simple camp in the woods.


After the breakfast that we prepare together you'll have time to enjoy the wilderness, and practice new skills before it's time to break camp and head back to civilization, and the train that will take you south.

Regardless of where you are now heading you have spent a few days together in the last wilderness of Europe, where you have really had an opportunity to get close to nature, and learn more about yourself.

This instructive adventure does not follow a strict schedule; it is rather adapted to your experience.

Parts that may be included are:

• Prepared to survive. Our program is about never finding yourself in a survival situation out in the wilderness. How do you avoid it, and what do you do if it still happens, for instance, if you get lost out in the woods?
• Equipment (summer and winter).
• Hypothermia/dehydration/finding safe water & and purifying water.
• Outdoors cooking and edible things in the wild.
• Camp and shelter.
• Fire – knowing how to always succeed in making a fire, even in the rain, can be vital.
• First aid & self care.
• Prioritization in a survival situation.
• Knots and ropes.
• Rescue.
• Navigation (traditional, basic and signs of nature).
• Wildlife safety (for instance, bear safety).
• Fishing.
• Safe handling of cutting tools (knife, axe & saw).
• Tips & Tricks.

Pack list

Prices include

Travelling from Östersund with Inlandsbanan with return journey.
Transports within the program of the trip.
Lodging in tent/tarp or under the open sky, and one night in Wilderness Life Lodge.
All meals described in the program.
Adventure knowledge guiding

Prices and Booking

Contact us by phone +46 771-53 53 53, boka@inlandsbanan.se or choose date and book below!

Name and birthdate for every person

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