winter traffic Östersund- Mora- östersund

21th of December 2018 - 28th of April 2019

Snötåget departs in the morning from Östersund, arrives at Mora at lunchtime and returns to Östersund, where it arrives in the evening. At Röjan station there are transfers busses to and from the skidestination of Vemdalsfjällen at the resorts Vemdalsskalet, Björnrike and Klövsjö/Storhogna.
Snötåget connects with trains to and from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Hot /cold drinks and snacks are possible to buy on board. (Unlike summer traffic, there is no stop for food or guiding on board).

Timetable Snötåget 2019 Timetable


Book your ticket on or or phone SJ:s phone booking service at +46 771 - 75 75 75 

The cheapest price is available if you buy your ticket online. Tickets can also be bought on board the train (though at a higher price). The cheapest price is available if you buy your ticket online. Tickets can also be bought on board (though at a higher price). They are then paid by card, cash or Swish.

Some of the period tickets provided by the county traffic in  Jämtland county - Länstrafiken Jämtland-  are valid on the train. These are the annual senior card, the youth card and county card (Länskortet).


Snötåget is well suited for connecting trains to and from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Transfer with Snöpendeln buses

At Röjan station there are bus transfer, with Snöpendeln, to and from the ski resorts of destination of Vemdalen.

Approximate travel time to/from Röjan station:

  • Klövsjö skidområde 15 minutes
  • Storhogna hotell 40 minutes
  • Vemdalsskalet hotell 20 minutes
  • Björnrike centrat 45 minuter

Red Sunday

All Sundays when Snötåget operates and the school fre week 10, Inlandsbanan and Skistar offer red sunday. A package offering a return trip, transfer, and a day's Skipass in Klövsjö/Storhogna is included.
You go with Snötåget south bound train to the station in Röjan where the transfer bus of Snöpendeln takes you to leads you to the ski slope.

You can use the offer from the following station a: Östersund, Brunflo, Tandsby, Fåker, Hackås, Svenstavik and Åsarna.


Adult, from 18 years: 395 Sek (Regular price for train trip, transfer and ski-pass 830 Sek)
Senior, 65+: 245 Sek (740 Sek)
Youth, 7-17 years: 245 Sek (550 Sek)
Children 6 years or younger: free of charge (0 Sek)

No pre-booking required. Payment is made on board the train in cash, by card or Swish.
The offer can not be combined with other offers/discounts.

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