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Summer on Inlandsbanan

Summer traffic on Inlandsbanan involves daily trips between Östersund and Gällivare, Gällivare and Östersund as well as Östersund-Mora and return. We stop for food at restaurants along the track. We also have drinks and snacks for sale on board. Our train hosts are with you the whole journey. Read more about the summer traffic on Inlandsbanan with us: Timetable Package tours Destinations along Inlandsbanan and what they have to offer The Inlandsbanan card - a rail pass for hop on/hop off travelRead more

Bring your bike on the train trip

Along Inlandsbanan there are magnificent scenery and the possibilities for small and big adventures are many. It's only you which set the limits of how much adventure you want. There are great opportunities for bikers along the stretch of Inlandsbanan, both deep forests and bare mountain peaks can be reached directly from the train. If you have your own bike you can book a place for it on the train, several of the destinations also have bicycle rental. Create your cycling holiday as you like with Inlandsbanan's railpass for hop on/ hop off travel –The Inlandsbanan card Rent a bike at Jokkmokk...Read more

On board this summer

With Inlandsbanan during summer there are 1,300 kilometres of Sweden to discover. On board our train, hosts work to ensure that you as a traveler get extra spice on your trip, they sell drinks and snacks, answer questions about destinations, villages, trains and railway history. Traveling by train is comfortable, social and the journey itself is also an experience. Get to know new people, maybe from other countries. Bring your whole family, your mother-in-law and mother or friend and create memories together or why not bring your dog on the trip. In our trains it is also possible to charge...Read more

Outdoor life in bright summer nights

The summer light in Sweden with the midnight sun in the north, enhances the experiences. The bright evenings and nights give a new dimension to outdoor life. Along Inlandsbanan there are magnificent scenery, from open marshlands to dense forests and the opportunity to advance into the mountains. There are both small and big adventures to experience. Get close to nature by hiking, camping, cooking over open fire, bathing and fishing or getting an insight into traditional Sami culture and the Sami traditions. Create your active holiday as you wish with the Inlandsbanan rail pass for hop on/hop...Read more

Happy easter!

Opening hours during easter Thursday 29th of March: 8 am - 5 pm Friday 30th of March - Monday 2nd of April: Closed After that Monday - Friday kl. 8 am - 5 pmRead more