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Summer traffic cancelled

Inlandsbanan has decided to cancel the summer traffic. The background to the decision is the decreased demand caused by covid-19. Since the outbreak of the new corona virus and covid-19 we at Inlandsbanan have had the ambition to implement of the summer traffic as planned. We have noticed a decrease in demand, but have hoped that the new recommendations regarding travel from the beginning of June would have improve sales. This is unfortunately not the case and together with cancellations continuing it is no longer realistic to go through with the planned traffic. Since this affects all our...Read more

Travels through Norway affected by prolonged dissuasion

Information from Inlandsbanan regarding the pro-longed dissuasion for international travel Package tours Norway On the 13th of May The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to prolong the dissuasion for non-necessary travel to other countries until the 15th of July. As a direct reaction, we are now canceling all departures until the 15th of July for our travels through Norway, "Inlandsbanan & Hurtigruten" and "Trains trains and more trains". All travellers with an excisting booking will be contacted and offered free re-booking or cancellation. We are truly sorry for the...Read more

Inlandsbanan card for 2021 out now!

Did you know that Hop-on hop off and travelling by train is getting more popular? We are now releasing our Inlandsbanan cards for 2021. Last year 2019 we sold more Inlandsbanan cards than ever before, and we broke the last reckord from 2008 (!). At the same time company Silverrail rapported an increase in sales of Interrail on non the less than 85% for first part of 2019 compared to same period 2018. This trend with train travel and hop-on hop-off in particualar combined with the uncertain situation regarding this summer's travels have contributed to this early release of the Inlandsbanan...Read more

Release: tickets for summer 2020 is out now

We are now releasing the tickets and seat reservations for the summer OF 2020. Please note the new traffic period 6th of July-23rd of August. If you're travelling a shorter stretch and the Inlandsbanan card for 2195 SEK not is the cheapest option, you should go for a ordinary ticket. Seat reservation is included in the price when bought in advance. Seat reservation only is bought in addition to the Inlandsbanan card, Interrail or for children accompanied by an adult without own ticket. Welcome on board this summer! boOking AND information +46 771-53 53 53Read more

Postponed start to the summer season

Against the background of the new corona virus and the call that the Swedish Public Health Authority has made to avoid unnecessary travel, Inlandsbanan has decided to postpone the summer start for tourist traffic. After the outbreak of the covid-19, we at Inlandsbanan had the ambition and worked to be able to carry out summer traffic as scheduled, starting on June 15. At present, the only advice from the Swedish Public Health Authority is on unnecessary travel, which means that the Inlandsbanan delays the start of traffic. Instead, summer traffic is scheduled to start on July 6 and the end...Read more