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Minimum number for Jokkmokk winter market now reached

We now have the 40 persons required for Jokkmokk winter market package tour. We had a minimum number of 40 persons for our package tour to Jokkmokk winter market. We are happy to anounce that this number now has been reached and therefore know for sure that this package tour will be realized. There are still many places left, so go ahead and join us on this winter white adventure. The package tour is between the 28th of January - 3rd of February 2018. Read more and book hereRead more

Jokkmokk winter market minimum number

The minimum number required for the tour to Jokkmokk winter market is soon to be reached. We are happy to announce that we soon have the 40 persons required to guarantee the package tour to Jokkmokk winter market. It will hopefully be reached within the next few days. Further information will follow as soon as the minimum number is reached. Read more about the package tour to Jokkmokk winter market hereRead more

One of Europe's most adventurous train rides

Fancy a ride on the Hogwarts Express? Forget high speed lines and the daily commuter squeeze, British newspaper The Mirror has hand picked some of the best railways this week for the ride of your life. You find Inlandsbanan on number six. Read the article here (in English)Read more

Arctic gastronomy at Jokkmokk winter market

Every year Jokkmokk winter market has a specific theme. It has now come to our knowledge that the theme of 2018's market will be "Arctic gastronomy". We think it will be fantastic! – With the choice of Arctic Gastronomy as the theme for Jokkmokk winter market 2018, we want to put focus on the meal experience and inspire co-hosts and entrepreneurs to innovative thinking and to develop exciting experience packages based on our local, arctic culture, says Birgitta Nilsson, general for Jokkmokk winter market to Affärer i Norr Jokkmokk has a strong tradition of food and was named Food capital of...Read more

Thank you for this summer!

Thank you all who have travelled with us this summer, it's you who make Inlandsbanan to what it is! At the samt time as we're ending the season of 2017, we work with 2018 and hope we will see you again then! Kindest regards, Inlandsbanan's staffRead more