Mountain buses

Would you like to experience the mountains while travelling with Inlandsbanan? The Inlandsbanan card is valid on several routes and bus services to the mountains

taKe Inlandsbanan to the mountains

During the summer season Inlandsbanan have cooperation with several buss companies in the northern counties of Sweden. It gives you who travel with the Inlandsbanan Card, our rail pass for hop on/hop off travel, the opportunity to travel also with certain buses that will take you to the mountains.

Which buses and lines that are relevant for the summer of 2019 are not available yet. When it is, this page will be updated. (Below is the information that was valid for the summer of 2018 during the period 11th of June to 19th August)

Länstrafiken i Norrbotten

Buses in the area Arvidsjaur - Gällivare

Gällivare- Ritsem Route 93 
Jokkmokk – Kvikkjokk Route 47 and Route 94
Arvidsjaur- Arjeplog Route 17 and Route 26

Länstrafiken Västerbotten

Buses in the area Dorotea - Sorsele

Storuman- Hemavan Route 31
Sorsele- Ammarnäs Route 341
Vilhelmina- Kittelfjäll Route 417 
Vilhelmina - Saxnäs - Klimpfjäll Route 420
Dorotea- Borgafjäll Route 436

Länstrafiken i Jämtland 

Buses in the area Sveg - Strömsund

Strömsund - Gäddede Route 425 (to 180615)
                                    Route 425 (fr. 180616)
Hoting - Norråker Route 444 (to 180615)
                              Route 444 (fr. 180616)
Svenstavik - Ljungdalen Route 613 (to 180615)
                                        Route 613 (fr. 180616)
Sveg - Funäsdalen Route 633 (to 180615)
                               Route 633 (fr. 180616)


Buses in the area of Mora.

Mora - Idre Route 104 (to 180617)
                   Route 104 (fr. 180618)
Mora - Sälen Route 133 (to 180617) 
                      Route 133 (fr. 180618)