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There are many sides to inland Sweden, which is unlike anywhere else. You will encounter people, culture, animals, food and nature of a kind you won’t find elsewhere. Read more about what the places along Inlandsbanan have to offer, from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north, and allow yourself to be inspired.

Sverigekarta med orter
gallivare jokkmokk arvidsjaur arjeplog sorsele storuman vilhelmina dorotea stromsund ostersund ljusdal sveg fagelsjo orsa mora vansbro filipstad kristinehamn
  • Gällivare

    Gällivare is located around 100 km north of the Arctic Circle and is a gem well worth exploring, be it your first or your tenth visit.

  • Jokkmokk

    Jokkmokk county is located right on the Arctic Circle. Here you can experience both the midnight sun and polar nights with Northern Lights.

  • Arjeplog

    In Arjeplog we tend to say that we have five seasons, and your experience will depend on when you decide to visit us.

  • Arvidsjaur

    Arvidsjaur is a pleasant little place right in the middle of Lapland. It is very likeable, something that our many wintertime visitors have discovered.

  • Sorsele

    In Sorsele there is a pleasing contrast between the comfortable range of services and amenities offered in the village and the wilderness that meets you right round the corner.

  • Storuman

    You will find easily accessible adventures in the forests, mountains and on the water.

  • Vilhelmina

    Vilhelmina in beautiful Lapland is a small, modern municipality that is close to everything. There is a rich outdoor and cultural life and a multitude of activities for body and soul.

  • Dorotea

    Dorotea is often called the “Southern Gateway to Lapland”. There are activities for visitors interested in animals and nature, art, history or culture.

  • Strömsund

    Here, streams flow down from the mountains through tranquil valleys covered in magical primeval forest and flourishing farmlands.

  • Östersund

    Östersund is the Winter City. With a well-managed gastronomic heritage, national events, cultural attractions and magnificent nature in summer as well as winter, our city is well worth a visit.

  • Sveg

    The bear is the county animal of Härjedalen, and since 2005 also a landmark in Sveg. Here you can see the gigantic, 13 metre high bear, weighing 80 tonnes.

  • Fågelsjö

    Discover and be amazed by the people and stories in the western parts of Ljusdal municipality. 

  • Ljusdal

    Discover and be amazed by the people and stories in the western parts of Ljusdal municipality. 

  • Orsa

    From a soft, undulating scenic and cultural landscape by Lake Orsasjön and Lake Siljan, to a barren wilderness with bogs and mountains in the northern part of the district.

  • Mora

    In Mora, everything is nearby. You have a wide choice of lovely cafes, restaurants and shops in the city centre, while also having easy access to sport and fitness activities.

  • Vansbro

    Vansbro is a gem in beautiful Dalarna county. Two rivers, Vanån and Västerdalälven, run through the county and the area offers fantastic scenery.

  • Filipstad

    Filipstad is not just a small town idyll, wilderness, minerals, crispbread, Nils Ferlin, foundries, mines, Trollstigen troll trail, fishing, rafting, panning for gold, treasure hunts, manor houses, camping, but much, much more.

  • Kristinehamn

    Kristinehamn is located by Lake Vänern in Värmland county. You can go trolling fishing, take a tour around the archipelago on the historic vessel Christine af Bro or catch waterbus 95 to go island hopping, getting off and on to go exploring.

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Discover Inlandsbanan

Inlandsbanan takes you to some of the most interesting places in the varied landscape of inland Sweden. 

The journey begins in the pleasant small town of Kristinehamn by Lake Vänern and takes you all the way up to the magnificent Lapland wilderness with its salmon rivers and mountain tops covered in snow nearly the whole year round.

On the way, you will be able to learn about Värmland manufacturing history, admire the Zorn paintings in Dalarna, look inside a real bear den and visit the heritage museum Jamtli History Land next to Lake Storsjön.

The way north is lined with interesting places and on arrival in Gällivare you mustn’t miss the view from Dundret mountain, a real highlight.

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Inlandsbanan & Hurtigruten

Combining the Swedish Wilderness with one of the world's most beautiful sea voyages, hurtigruten.

This is a trip that combines the historic and very unique travel routes of two countries.  This package lets you discover inland Sweden, the mountain landscape and the Norwegian coastline all in one go.

On your journey north you will travel through a dramatic landscape recognized as a world heritage, while at the same time getting a small taste of both culinary and handicraft traditions as well as Sami culture. Once you turn southwards, the venerable Hurtigruten takes you on one of the most beautiful sea voyages in the world through the Norwegian fjords down to Trondheim.

Inlandsbanan card

The joy of discovery & Desire for ADVENTURE

Interrail and discover a whole new side of  Sweden. 

Use a rail pass for hop on/hop off travel through inland Sweden and discover a wholly new side to the country. The pass gives you two weeks of unlimited travel, enabling you to make exciting detours for nearby adventures, before continuing your journey whenever you choose.

The Inlandsbanan Card costs SEK 1,995 during the period 20th of June–28th of August 2016. You can also buy an extra week for SEK 500.

If you want to be certain of a seat, you should also make a seat reservation at a cost of SEK 50 per day per person.

Two children up to and including age 15 travel free when accompanied by an adult, while young people aged 16–25 receive a 25% discount

Buy your Inlandsbanan Card here

Please note, that Inlandsbanan card and Interrail passes only are valid during the summer.

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The soul of Lappland

If you are fascinated by nature experiences and curious about sami culture, then this is the trip for you.

Open your senses and travel to the land of the Midnight Sun and the Sami. You will find the people, handicrafts and history and you will be able to listen to amazing stories about love of the reindeer, a hard life and ancient traditions that are still alive and practised. 

Båtsuoj Sami Centre is one of the many nuggets of gold that await you on the journey.

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Trains, trains and more trains

Welcome to one of Europe's most beautiful train journeys  through two countries enchanting landscape.

This is the perfect combination for travellers looking to discover the beautiful and varied natural landscape in the Nordic region. The journey starts in Mora and gradually takes you to through the beautiful Norwegian landscape with the sea, lakes and mountains up to Bodø and Narvik.
From northern Norway the journey turns south and back into Sweden, where you will see the magnificent
Abisko National Park and be able to enjoy the view from Dundret mountain in Gällivare.

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Your own favourites

Bring your dreams to life, this is a journey tailored to you and your interests.

This trip is customizable and you yourself design your trip and decide what it should include.
An optional number of hotel nights are booked for you in advance. You can choose to book consecutive nights or you can break up the trip while you go mountain hiking, visit family and friends or embark on some other adventure alongside your Inlandsbanan journey. You can then return to Inlandsbanan and continue your train journey.
You have two wonderful weeks to complete your journey from the day the package begins. For inspiration and ideas, look at the pages where the municipalities along the railway provide information on what they have to offer. Check the timetable to see what works best and fill your days doing what you like best.