In Orsa you travel through four climate zones, from a soft, undulating scenic and cultural landscape by Lake Orsasjön and Lake Siljan, to a barren wilderness with bogs and mountains in the northern part of the district


In Orsa you travel through four climate zones.

From a soft, undulating scenic and cultural landscape by Lake Orsasjön and Lake Siljan, to a barren wilderness with bogs and mountains in the northern part of the district.

We have beautiful vistas, fantastic beaches and swimming and you will also find one of the most interesting animal parks in Europe, unique for its vast enclosures for bears, wolves and larger cats. For music lovers, Orsa in the summer is an Eldorado, culminating in the crazy street music festival Orsayran.



 It is a long, sandy beach, beautifully framed by Lake Orsasjön and blue mountains. Pedal boats, canoes and rowing boats are available to hire. If you want to swim in less shallow waters you can walk out to Ångbåtsudden, a very beautiful place where the TV show “Moraeus med mera” is recorded, and where there is a beach restaurant with a beautiful view over the lake and mountains.

Right next to the beach you will find Orsa Simbad, with wonderful pools for both children and adults. Nearby, there is a minigolf course and a modern bowling centre with twelve lanes and a McGregors Sportbar.

Welcome to Orsa swimming paradise!


Orsa Bear Park is home to brown bears,Kamchatka bears, polar bears and Kodiak bears, but also Siberian tigers, leopards, wolves, lynx and wolverines. The Kodiak bears moved into their own bear paradise “Kodiak Island” in summer 2012. They are the world’s largest land-based predators, and can weigh up to 1,000 kg and reach a length of 3 metres!

The park is characterized by huge enclosures which allow the animals to live much as they would in the wild. So if you are interested in animals, please visit Orsa Bear Park!


Orsayran is a famous street music festival. Hundreds of musicians armed with everything from violins to bass tubas invade the streets and restaurants of Orsa during Wednesdays in July and August. In 2014,
Orsayran celebrates its 30th anniversary. Orsa in the summer is about music and festivals.

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Activities in Orsa

Ecotourism excursions in Kvarnberg, bear dens and tracking. www.bjorn-vildmark.com +46 (0)70-33 36 345
Lilja Deep Forest Events – Guided fishing trips and wilderness hikes in Orsa Finnmark. +46 (0)70-296 17 88
Guided tours in Björnparken – Grönklitt. www.orsagronklitt.se, +46 (0)250-462 00
Hire canoes and boats from Orsa Camping. www.orsacamping.se +46 (0)250-462 00
Hire a canoe on Lake Rädsjön in Grönklitt. www.orsagronklitt.se, +46 (0)250 462 00
Hire a canoe at Rosentorps Bageri & Turistcamp. +46 (0)250-239 10
Orsa Kulturhus cultural centre, summer exhibition on music / Orsa culture. www.orsa.se, +46 (0)250-55 22 70
Grindstone museum in ­Mässbacken. www.orsaslipsten.se, +46 (0)250-55 02 40
Orsa Camping, www.orsacamping.se +46 (0)250-462 00
Grönklitt, www.orsagronklitt.se +46 (0)250-462 00
Dalacykel, www.dalacykel.se +46 (0)76-272 32 84
Meet animals at the summer pasture hut – Skräddar Djurberga summer pasture hut, Orsa Hembygdsförening. +46 (0)70-566 85 85
Children’s bowling with special bowling lanes for children, Orsa ­Bowling. www.orsabowling.se +46 (0)250-59 40 40
Nissgärdsgården farm – meet the animals on the farm. Sheep shearing and herding. www.nissgardsgarden.se. +46 (0)70-327 62 07.
The Riviera of Dalarna, Orsa Camping.
Orsa Simbad, adventure pool, Orsa Camping.

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