Kristinehamn is located by Lake Vänern in Värmland county. You can go trolling fishing, take a tour around the archipelago on the historic vessel Christine af Bro or catch waterbus 95 to go island hopping, getting off and on to go exploring.


We are proud to present the gem Kristinehamn. Stroll along the charming street Trädgårdsgatan that dates back to the 1600s and enjoy the waters of Lake Vänern. Dotted with thousands of islands and skerries, it is Europe’s largest freshwater archipelago. Here awaits adventure, to tempt both young and old, all year round. Climb aboard a ferry that takes you from the town centre out to the archipelago. You can try island-hopping, go on the historical vessel Christine af Bro or take the ferry to Karlstad.

If you are a more active visitor and are interested in both culture and nature, you can walk along the historical Iron Trail, with roots in the 15th century. Three popular family activities are the Pirate Trip to find Captain One Eye’s treasure, beating the water chute record at the Sannabadet public baths and experiencing the thrill of a double go-cart at Värmland’s Go-cart Center. There’s lots to choose from in the way of art and culture. Visit Pablo Picasso’s monumetal sculpture on the beuautiful shore of Lake Vänern, enjoy a century-old environment at Ölme General Store or the exhibition at the Kristinehamn Art Museum!

Discover a place that ties together history with present times; a place where famous people, such as Queen Kristina and the artist Pablo Picasso, have made lasting impressions. 

Glittering Lake Vänern
Welcome to Lake Vänern, the glittering inland sea! 1,294 islands and islets lie along the horizon just waiting to be discovered, your rucksack is packed, your lifejacket is on and it is time to go. All ages love it here. Discover a beautiful unspoiled environment surrounded by water so clear and clean you can drink it directly from the lake. Read more

Guided historical walk
The walk takes an hour Dates: June: 29, 30 (Wed and Thu) July: 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28. (Wed and Thu) Swedish guided tour: 17.00–18.00 English guided tour: 18.00–19.00 by arrangement only, call the telephone number above. Assembly: Norra Hamngatan 8 Price: 50 SEK/pers (payable on arrival). Bookings for other times, minimum 500 SEK/tour. During the 1700s and 1800s, Kristinehamn was equally important to the world economy as Wall Street in New York is today. In fact at that time the worldwide price of iron was set right here in Kristinehamn. For just a few weeks the number of inhabitants in the city doubled and the nightlife flourished. Join Mrs Nordenfeldt on a city walk back to its heyday. Read more

Ölme Diversehandel och Kafé
A time when flour was not delivered to the store ready packaged and sugar didn’t come in cubes; when ice cream machines were not automatic and coffee beans had to be ground manually. That time, in the mid1800s and the hundred years that followed, is still here. The old general store Ölme diversehandel is a museum that takes you back to the time you had almost forgotten about, or maybe never experienced. There is everything from football shoes to toys, and groceries such as flour, cacao, washing powder, herbs, and coffee, with their original contents and packaging. You can, of course, shop in the store for gifts including pretty serviettes, gifts, tins and baskets, as well as linen goods. The café always serves freshly brewed coffee and tea, sandwiches, biscuits, cakes and they are fully licensed. From the outdoor seating area, you can listen to the soothing sound of Carl Nesjar´s fountain.
Read more

Sculptures Picassoskulpturen – Jacqueline 
It all started by chance on a dusty country road in France where Bengt Olson, an artist from KristinePlaces of interest hamn, met the Norwegian painter and photographer Carl Nesjar. Nesjar, who experimented with decorative work in a new concrete-based material, was in contact with Pablo Picasso. ”Why not in Scandinavia?” asked the Swede and Norwegian, well aware of Picasso’s interest in this peaceful part of the world. On his return to Kristinehamn Bengt Olson presented the project to the local county council. They, in turn, contacted Picasso and sent him pictures, recordings of traditional folk music, etc. to illustrate the spirit of Värmland. Confirmation from Picasso, in the form of a deed of gift, arrived shortly after; it was a photograph showing a model of the sculpture in the Swedish countryside. It was signed simply “Oui” (Yes) Picasso, 7.7.1964. Work could then begin! The sculpture was constructed by Carl Nesjar. Picasso followed the whole process via films and photographs. The 15 m high sculpture was inaugurated on Midsummer’s Eve 1965 by the Swedish poet Bo Setterlind. The Picasso sculpture in Kristinehamn is one of Picasso’s biggest works of art. It is Kristinehamn’s most famous “celebrity” and the peninsula on which it is placed is the town’s most frequently visited location. Housed in a small building close by. Photographs and plans illustrate the process involved when the Picasso sculpture was constructed in Kristinehamn.

The waterfront along Vålösundsvägen 
Walk, bike, drive, sail or take a bus and experience pretty Vålösundet, the water approach to Kristinehamn. Spend an hour or two at a café or on a jetty and enjoy. Then, if you carry on past Café Pärlan, you’ll come to the peninsula where the Picasso sculpture stands. It’s 7 km from the town centre out to the sculpture. Read more

Shop & café in old-fashioned surroundings. You can also get a snack here, enjoy homemade orga - nic ice cream or a variety of pastries. Read more

Chocolate shop located in a former church. Artisan chocolate bon bons and other sweet treats. Cake decorating classes. Read more

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Activities in Kristinehamn

City walk, scheduled tour with guide from Kristinehamn Tourist Information Office.
Kristinehamn Art Museum In summer a guided tour is included in the cost of admission.
Go on a safari. Elk and game safari. +46 (0)76-800 02 02
Vänerkajak, kayaks for hire.
Boat tours on Lake Vänern. 
Tours of the archipelago. 
Kristinehamns Ribbcharter Sightseeing in the archipelago. Tours in the waves, beach boat. Kristinehamn– Karlstad etc. +46 (0)70-220 20 42
Kristinehamn Art Museum, modern and contemporary art.
Ölme general store and café. Discover what it was like to shop in the late 1800s. +46 (0)550-152 50
Pirate trip with treasure hunt. Advance booking at Kristinehamn Tourist Information Office or
Stadsbondgården city farm. Pet the animals, jump in the hay.  +46 (0)550-167 12
Värmland Go-kart centre. Junior go-karts, two-seat go-karts for younger children.
Sannabadet, family swim area, 95-metre slide.
Lake Vänern offers many opportunities for swimming.

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