Hällefors & Grythyttan

You’ll find these places in the heart of magical Bergslagen. Grythyttan, with its small town charm, will tempt you with culinary experiences and Hällefors is renowned for its residential areas adorned with works of art.

Hällefors & Grythyttan


Grythyttan, with its small town charm, will tempt you with culinary experiences. Visit one of the many pleasant restaurants to enjoy local specialities such as homemade ice cream, cloudberry wine, sheep’s cheese and other delicacies from nature’s larder. Mealtime experiences are considered so important here that Grythyttan even has a building dedicated to meals, Måltidens Hus, which, among other things, houses a cookery book museum.

Culture and nature experiences

Hällefors is renowned for its residential areas adorned with works of art. In Mästarnas Park, for instance, several sculptures by well-known Swedish sculptors are on show. You can also take a nostalgic trip to visit the two 1950s apartments by the park. With nearly 400 lakes and waterways, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, kayaking, sport fishing and salmon fishing. In the centre of Hällefors you can join the Silverleden hiking trail, or hire a canoe or a bike to take you out in the wilderness. There are plenty of forest paths and excellent MTB trails. Go for an adventure or enjoy a quiet moment in front of a flaming fire by one of the peaceful forest tarns. Do visit the spa Loka Brunn and drink some of the healing water from the health spring in Bergslagen.

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Walk round Grythyttan. A tour from iron production to famous food centre. Book with Tourist Information Office. +46 (0)591-120 01
Tour of Måltidens Hus. A centre for food and drink with cookery book museum. www.maltidenshus.com +46 (0)591-340 60
MTB tours with guide in Bredsjö-Hjulsjö. Cycles for hire. www.hjulsjo.se. +46 (0)587-610 74
Canoeing on Svartälven. Bergslagsgården canoe centre.  www.bergslagsgarden.com, +46 (0)591-180 49.
Hällefors canoe centre. www.halleforskanot.com, +46 (0)591-130 00
The Tourist Information Office in Hällefors, incl. cycle maps. +46 (0)591-120 01
Lantliv i Hjulsjö, MTB cycles and guided tours. +46 (0)70-301 85 15
Hällefors hostelwww.halleforsvandrarhem.com. +46 (0)591-130 00
1950s flats in Mästarnas Park workers quarters and designer apartment. www.hellefors.se. For information contact the Tourist Information Office. +46 (0)591-120 01
Cookery book museum in Måltidens Hus in Grythyttan, www.maltidenshus.com. +46 (0)591-340 60
Finnstigen Open Air Museum in Bredsjö, depicting the history and life of the burn-beating Finns. www.friluftsmuseetfinnstigen.se

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