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Inlandsbanan card

Inlandsbanan card for 2021 out now!

Did you know that Hop-on hop off and travelling by train is getting more popular? We are now releasing our Inlandsbanan cards for 2021.

Last year 2019 we sold more Inlandsbanan cards than ever before, and we broke the last reckord from 2008 (!). At the same time company Silverrail rapported an increase in sales of Interrail on non the less than 85% for first part of 2019 compared to same period 2018. 

This trend with train travel and hop-on hop-off in particualar combined with the uncertain situation regarding this summer's travels have contributed to this early release of the Inlandsbanan cards for 2021. With the Inlandsbanan card you can travel as much as you like on our 1300 km railroad and you have fourteen days at your hands. Freedom on a card! 

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