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Postponed start to the summer season

Against the background of the new corona virus and the call that the Swedish Public Health Authority has made to avoid unnecessary travel, Inlandsbanan has decided to postpone the summer start for tourist traffic.

After the outbreak of the covid-19, we at Inlandsbanan had the ambition and worked to be able to carry out summer traffic as scheduled, starting on June 15. At present, the only advice from the Swedish Public Health Authority is on unnecessary travel, which means that the Inlandsbanan delays the start of traffic.

Instead, summer traffic is scheduled to start on July 6 and the end date of August 23 is fixed. Inland railway's summer traffic is something that engages and influences many, both directly and indirectly.

We do not, therefore, see that it is a good place for us to start so quickly, and consider it necessary to make this decision with a good margin so that it will be the best possible outcome for everyone affected. For those who have a reservation during this period and are thus affected, you will be offered free rebooking, either until later in the summer or until the summer of 2021, and if none of this is wished upon, you have the right to free cancellation. Read more about this here

For those of you who would rather experience the Inlandsbanan next year, the summer season is extended by another week in 2021, from 10 to 11 weeks. Several trips and packages are already bookable for 2021, including Jokkmokk's winter market and the Vildmark train Valborg. They are directly bookable via the website. Summer trips can also be booked via contact with Inlandsbanan's sales office and they will also be published on the website.