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Early release package tours 2021

There is always something good To follow something bad. The cancelled summer traffic has made it possible to release the next year's package tours earlier than ever before.

Beacuse of the cancelled summer traffic we have been able to prepare and also earlier than ever before release the package tours for next year. 

The following package tours for 2021 are now possible to book: 

  • Discover Inlandsbanan
  • Trains, trains and more trains

Before the end of August we also plan to release the following tours: 

  • Inlandsbanan & Hurtigruten (limited number of seats)
  • North to the South

Release later this autumn, probably September:

  • Taste of Lapland
  • The Wilderness train August 2021

Open since before are: 

  • Jokkmokk winter market
  • The Wilderness train Walpurgis
  • Your Own Favourites

All package tours are to be found here >>

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