About Inlandsbanan

Travelling on Inlandsbanan is a holistic experience.

Travelling on Inlandsbanan is a holistic experience

It really starts long before you actually board the train, at the stage when you start dreaming about and planning your journey.

 We can promise that no two trips are alike. We offer organised package tours with extensive programmes for the young, adults, families with young children, adventurers, people who enjoy the good things in life, and world citizens.

But that is not ultimately what makes us special. That is you.

This is the trip where you decide whether this will be an adrenaline-filled, adventurous experience, or a peaceful, relaxing trip. Perhaps a bit of both.

Many of our visitors come back year after year. Precisely because all trips are unique and there is so much to experience. But certain things stay the same, for instance the sense of community on board and the 100-year-old railway.

Destination inlandsbanan ab

Destination Inlandsbanan AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inlandsbanan AB and was set up in 2002. Our task is to make Inlandsbanan accessible to travellers by means of unique travel offers in the form of package tours, the Inlandsbanan Card rail pass and themed trips and charter trips.