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Bike adventure in the Swedish inland


Train trip with bike adventure

Combine youre train trip with a bike adventure in the Swedish inland

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14 days of adventure in the inland of Sweden for 1,995 SEK

Travel as much as you like for 14 days and create your own adventure.

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On board the train


Discover Inlandsbanan

10 days and 9 nights through Swedish Lapland

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Midnight sun, photographer David Larsson


Celebrate midsummer with the locals

Midsummer is celebrated in the small towns along Inlandsbanan.

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Sami woman

Taste of Lapland

If you are fascinated by FOOD and flavours, nature experiences and curious about Sami culture, then this is the trip for you.

Open your senses and travel to the land of the Midnight Sun and the Sami. You will find the people, handicrafts and history and you will be able to listen to amazing stories about love of the reindeer, a hard life and ancient traditions that are still alive and practised. 

Båtsuoj Sami Centre is one of the many nuggets of gold that await you on the journey.

Price SEK 11,900

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