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A wide variety of fishing environments, from the mountain highland down to the forests. Fish face-to-face with nature!

train trip fishing | Vilhelmina

Vilhelmina municipality covers some 8,120 square kilometers, which makes the province one of Sweden’s ten largest. The population density is about 0,86 inhabitants per square kilometer. To the west it boarders to Hattfjelldal in Norway. The enormous municipality provides anglers with a wide variety of fishing environments from the mountain highland down to the forests. Here you can fish face-to-face with nature.

A great selection of lakes and fishing rivers flow through the municipality of Vilhelmina. Take lake Volgsjön for example, famous for its gigantic trout. Further west the long-range lake Malgomaj is located with a great selection of fish. Vilhelmina is well known for its mountain fishing where you can catch trout, arctic char and grayling. 

Along Vildmarksvägen (the Wilderness Road) you have Satsån, Kultsjön, Gikasjön, Saxån and Duoransjörana. East of Kultsjön there is the classic arctic char water Ransarn and Ransarån. Along the road Sagavägen from Stalon, Marsån and Matskanområdet you can reach a network of lakes and streams. At the foot of the mountain Marsfjället there is Grisån. From Dikanäs, the road Sagavägen swings up along the valley to the Norwegian border. There is also Vapstälven, which has its passage from Norway. 

Fishing in the Malgomaj lake is practiced both during the ice-free season and then mainly with rod and drag row and during the winter. A large number of salmon fish are caught each year in the lake. Fishes of 2 - 4 kg are not so unusual and even catches around 7 kg have been reported. During the summer, even grayling can be caught on some beaches with a fly. The country's largest ice-fishing char 9.23 kg was taken in Malgomajsjön.

The fishery area extends from Lövnäs village to Malgovik's border. The county administrative board sell fishing licences on their part of the lake. The area consists of the lake Malgomaj with its watercourses. The area is easily accessible with Vildmarksvägen on one side and Hornsjövägen on the other. In the future, a number of stops will be set up where information and certain services will be available.


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