Welcome to the heart of Lapland AND Storuman

Storuman is the place where people and paths cross. Here you will find the gateway to the mountains and the keys to the heart of Lapland. The town is beautifully embedded in the heart of magical forest landscapes and wonderful mountain areas. The fishing is fantastic all year round. In the municipality of Storuman there are more than 2,400 lakes and the river Umeälven which provides endless fishing opportunities and outdoor life activities. The area has plenty of top fishing spots with great accessibility whether you choose to go fishing on your own or with a professional guide.

Lake Storuman provides grayling, trout, rainbow salmon and enormous whitefish. If you are here to catch a big trophy pike, we suggest fishing around Stensele. For smaller streams, options like Gunnarbäcken, Långvattsbäcken och Juktån are to be recommended. All fishing waters are located within 500 metres to 30 kilometres of the town centre and the train station.

Welcome to Storuman and the heart of Lapland - Great activities around every corner!

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