Fishing ABOVE THE POLAR CIRCLE must be experienced. try mountain fishing for char and trout in lakes and jocks. Or enjoy The forest streams and lakes with large perch and pike.

The municipality of Jokkmokk is Sweden's second largest municipality to the surface, so there is plenty of space and the opportunity to find your own hideaway.

Jokkmokk is often found on specimen lists for large fish. Sweden's largest common roach, caught on a rod, comes from Jokkmokk. There are also a large number of fishing associations that work to make their waters attractive for anglers. Many of these are well adapted for the traveling family's fishing. The fish in Jokkmokk's vicinity are of good quality with the Pärlälven (Pearl River) as the crown jewel among fishing waters. For those inclined for adventure there are magnificent mountains in the area, with guides offering package deals or challenging expeditions for the experienced mountaineer.

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