train trip fishing | Härjedalen

Love at first sight. Is there anything as peaceful and intoxicating at the same time as fishing? In the town of Sveg, and all around the landscape of Härjedalen you can practice this noble sport all year round, in an untouched environment with an exciting and varied wildlife.

Perhaps you prefer to go ice-fishing a crispy winter day? Or improve your fly-fishing technique in the streams during autumn, when the grayling is in its best shape? Or are you ready to fish during high season when the fish is rising? No matter when you go fishing, Sveg has plenty to offer and is surrounded by forest and lakes. There are lots of forest roads, which makes it easy to get to the fishing. What places do you want to target? We will find out below. Just remember the fishing adventure continues in all cardinal directions and does not end in Sveg.

Experiences in the municipality of Härjedalen 

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