On the train

On the train you are greeted by a pleasant environment and good atmosphere. Here you'll find some information that may be useful to know before your trip.

On the train

On board Inlandsbanan, a pleasant environment and jovial atmosphere await you.

You meet people from all corners of the world, and will probably make new friends and memories for life. This is also where you can find peace and quiet, read a good book or spend time with your family or travel companions.

There are toilets on board the train, and there is a selection of hot and cold drinks onboard as well as snacks. The train stops for food breaks along the railway so you can experience local food and meet the locals. It may be useful to know that it is not possible to move between the train carriages whilst the train is en-route.

Food, coffee breaks and menu 
Train hosts
Sights and monuments
Museum stops
Heart safe area

FAQ on board Inlandsbanan
Payment methods: we accept cash, credit card and Swish
Bicycle: yes, can be pre-booked
Pets: yes on seats 37-60
Charging: yes we have USB at every seat
Walk through two cars: no
Defibrillator: yes, also trained staff
Coffee, drinks and snacks: yes, we sell on board and the train stops for food
Internet on board: yes, free Wifi
Seats: bus seats (see picture)
Toilet on board: yes, also with baby changing table

Food and coffee breaks

The train stops for food and coffee breaks and have a buffet car.

On board you will be provided a menu that shows you what is on offer and the train host will take your order during the journey. You can place your order on the train in plenty of time, so that once you arrive, everything is ready for you to collect or to sit down at the table and enjoy. The food is prepared on site, and many restaurants focus on genuine artisan foods made from locally produced ingredients. This gives you a chance to try new things and explore the specialities of inland Sweden.

You pay the food supplier directly. The menu tells you whether the food is served at the restaurant or whether you need to collect it. If the latter, you can choose to eat your meal al fresco, or take it along to eat on the train. Do buy some extra drinks, especially on warm days. The timetable shows you when, where and for how long we stop.

During the trip you can also buy something to eat and drink, like a sandwich, crisps and other snacks.

Menu summer 2019 (Swedish and English combined)

Train hosts

Our committed train hosts will be on hand on your journey on the train.

Our committed train hosts will be on hand on your journey on the train. They will help you find your way around, take your food and coffee orders and deal with any practical requests as far as possible. The train hosts are knowledgeable and can tell you about places, sights and the scenery along the railway. They do not accompany you to your accommodation or on excursions, but they are always available on board the train.

Sights and monuments

Inland Sweden is a riot of exquisitely beautiful nature experiences, delicious food, historic sites and opportunities for exciting activities. A few sights and phenomena are particularly associated with Inlandsbanan.

You can experience the Midnight Sun north of the Arctic Circle between 5 June–6 July.  For most of the summer you can also enjoy the light summer nights, when it never gets dark.

You pass the geographical Arctic Circle just south of Jokkmokk. The train makes a brief stop here.

You will also encounter unique Sami culture in the land of the Midnight Sun. Ancient traditions that are still alive and which you can discover in the art, food, reindeer husbandry and other everyday activities of present-day Sami.

Wild animals are a common sight next to the railway track. We are travelling through a landscape that is home to Sweden’s four predators: the bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. These are shy animals, but it is possible to catch a glimpse. You are likely to see reindeer, moose, and, with a bit of luck, birds of prey and owls.

During the winter you can experience the Auroras, a light phenomenon that you have the biggest chance of experiencing near the South or North poles. In the northern hemisphere we call this the Northern Lights, and it occurs when rays of particles from the sun reach our atmosphere. It is a spectacle that is most visible on dark winter nights, and it resembles blue, green, red or purple curtains or rays.

Museum stops

Inlandsbanan has a long and interesting history.

You can learn about parts of our history at two museums we will be visiting en route between Östersund and Gällivare:

At the Inlandsbanan Museum in Sorsele in the old station building you will be taken back in time one hundred years. That was when construction of Inlandsbanan began and here you will learn why and how it happened. You will meet some of the people who have played a part in Inlandsbanan’s 100-year history, everyone from chiefs of the general staff and navvies to smallholders and demonstrators.

At Moskosel Navvy Museum, which is housed in the old station building, you can learn about the work and social life of the navvies. You can also taste some Norrland palt dumplings here or enjoy a coffee. You can have a look at local handicraft, which is also available for you to buy, before you continue on your journey. If you’re in luck, a troubadour might be on site.

Our vehicles

The Inlandsbanan services are operated using railcars.

These differ from ordinary locomotive-driven trains in that they have a driver’s cabin at both ends, and that it is not possible to move between the carriages. There is a toilet on board.


You have access to free Wi-Fi on the train.

This makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your nearest and dearest, book accommodation or some fun activities during the trip, or why not make a dinner reservation?

Heart safe area

On Inlandsbanans trains and in our premises, we have defibrillators (heart starters) and as a company we are certified by a Swedish standard called “heart safe area”.

When someone suddenly gets a cardiac arrest urgent action is needed to save life. Our train hosts are therefore trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation in combination with defibrillators. Inlandsbanan is certified according to the Swedish standard Heart-safe area – the use of defibrillators in public and other non-medical environments.

The certification requires that:

  • defibrillators are installed in our trains and in our premises
  • we have good preparedness and emergency procedures for cardiac arrest
  • we have the proper education for when it´s needed start cardiac resuscitation immediately and treat with defibrillators within three minutes
  • we are registered in the Swedish register due to the certification
  • we systematically maintain our equipment
  • every year our staff gets the appropriate maintenance of their skills