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Traffic information from Swedish Traffic Authorities (Trafikverket)

17 July 2018  Latest update: 15.43

18 july: trains between Östersund-Mora-Östersund. The trains on Wednesday 18 July will run as usual. If we get other news, we will keep you informed here.

17 july:

TRAINs BETWEEN ÖSTERSUND-MORA-ÖSTERSUND. The trains run as usual today. The forest fires are far from Inlandsbanan, but the train will travel through areas with smoke from the fires. When this happens, we recommend our passengers to keep all windows closed.

Train 89420 Östersund - Gällivare:  Is about 45 minutes delayed.

Train 89421 Gällivare - Östersund:  Is about 45 minutes delayed.

11-12 August 2018

Due to a planned reconstruction in Ludvika, Tågab's train 7010 Gothenburg-Kristinehamn-Mora and train 7011 Mora-Kristinehamn-Gothenburg will either be completely or partially  redirected or canceled. Further information will be published as soon as Swedish Transport Administration has processed the application for a timetable for diversion traffic. Until then, no reservations can be made between Kristinehamn and Mora or Mora and Kristinehamn via Inlandsbanan's booking. 

Tågav has applied to get the Gothenburg-Mora trains diversed via Skövde, Hallsberg, Örebro and Avesta Krylbo. On the Borlänge-Mora route, their ambition is to go according to the regular timetable. If the trains can be redirected as above, Tågab intend to let the Inlandsbanan Cards apply to the train between Hallsberg and Mora. On the other hand, the passengers themselves must pay for tickets for connecting traffic, such as buses,  for example line 500 Kristinehamn-Karlstad-Örebro.