Here is a selection of events this summer along Inlandsbanan. Please contact the local tourist offices for more happenings.

Jul 06 2018

Midnight Light Festival in Vilhelmina 6-7 July

The Festival It was born from a desire. A desire to bring people together and to inject the northern countryside with live music. The bright summer nights serve as a magical backdrop for the music and combined with the closeness of the forest, the mountains in the distance and the never-ending fresh air in your lungs, something remarkable and truly spectacular! It is a diverse festival for the masses with acts ranging from an array of musical styles. Surrounding activities on the festival site, such as a skate jam, an exhibition of old Volvos, food stands, a bowling alley, a batting cage,...Read more
Munkflohögen 250 years

Jul 14 2018

Celebrate Munkflohögen village - 250 years

On 14 and 15 July, between 11 am and 3 pm, the villagers of Munkflohögen celebrate their 250th jubilee. Welcome to join them. There will be a slide show, lottery and fish pond, as well as an exhibition with photographs and clippings and other items about the Monk. Enjoy Swedish fika, hot dogs , coffee and festis. Come and meet the cute alpaca sheep. Munkflohögen is an old station community at Inlandsbanan with the abbreviation 'Mfn'. It is said that the village, founded in 1768, got its name after the swamp (flo in Swedish local tongue) where a monk (munk in Swedish) drowned. Munkflohögen is...Read more