Menu and onboard magazine

Enjoy locally produced food at restaurants and cafés along Inlandsbanan.

Food and Swedish Fika

The train stops for food and coffee breaks and offers swedish fika on the train.

The onboard magazine introduces what is on offer and the train host will take your order during the journey. Once you arrive, everything is ready for you to collect or to sit down at the table and enjoy. The food is prepared on site, and many restaurants focus on genuine artisan foods made from locally produced ingredients. This gives you a chance to try new things and explore the specialities of inland Sweden.

You pay the food supplier directly. The menu tells you whether the food is served at the restaurant or whether you need to collect it. If the latter, you can choose to eat your meal al fresco, or take it along to eat on the train. Do buy some extra drinks, especially on warm days. The timetable shows you when, where and for how long we stop.

During the trip you can also buy something to eat and drink, like a sandwich, crisps and other snacks.

The menu available in summer 2018 can be seen here.

Onboard magazine

On the train you will find onboard magazine in the chair pocket in front of you. The magazine contains articles, tips on what to see and do, and also shows off the souvenirs available onboard. Read #on track here.