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Willow herb and rail car

A picture is worth a thousand words

The tourist traffic this year went from June 11th through August 18th. The summer in Sweden and along the track in the inland has been dominated by sunshine and warmth. A little too hot, some people think and a little scary with the big forest fires that ravaged. Fortunately, we did not have to cancel any trains because of the fires.

Our rail cars has run like watches and the accessibility has been 98.6 percent, which is amazing since they are from 1979-1980. For the second summer in a row, the number of travelers has increased, which is very pleasing. More passengers has for example traveled with our package tours and with the Inlandsbanan card, our rail pass for hop on/hop off travel.

A picture is worth a thousand words, some say. Since we now left the summer behind and the autumn is here we look back too see what pictures we published on our Instagram account that received the most likes.

On Instagram we share photos and movie clips from our entire business. We also share other things that are interesting from entrepreneurs and municipalities along the railroad stretch to inspire our followers of the beautiful and interesting inland of Sweden.

In addition, we really appreciate when others take pictures and tags us so that there are more perspectives from the inland and the track. Are you not following us? Welcome to do so @Inlandsbanan.

Here are the follower's five most liked pictures during the ten weeks the tourist traffic went:

Rail car in Åsarna
Afternoon break in Åsarna that shines pink of Willow herb.

rain outseide the office in Östersund
Finally, the awaited rain came. This is outside our office in Östersund, but the shower of rain became brief.

Our train hosts summer of 2018
The best we have, our lovely train hosts.

Dundret i Gällivare
As far north you can come on Inlandsbanan is Gällivare, this view is from the Dundret's peak.

Book release Emma Ivarsson
We are honored that Emma Ivarsson, who previously worked as a train driver at Inlandståg, chose to have her book release in our round house in Östersund.