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Forest fires and fire prohibition

Several large forest fires ravage in areas along the stretch of Inlandsbanan. The largest and most serious ones in the counties of Gävleborg, Jämtland and Dalarna. There are also fires elsewhere in Sweden and big risks for more fires to start because of the dry conditions throughout the country.

Due to the situation, Inlandsbanan's personnel have continuous contact with the Swedish Transport Administration, rescue leaders, train and operational traffic management, among others. In consultation with them, decisions are made whether to drive our trains or not. So far (updated July 23th), traffic has gone according to timetable.

Current traffic information on Inlandsbanan can be found here.

What determines whether we can traffic the railway or not is how close the fires get to the track and how much the smoke affects the area. So far there have been no fires so close to the track that the traffic has been affected. Our rail cars have low weight and low speed which minimizes the risk of sparks during braking.

More information about the fires...
 ...can be found here: national website for emergency information from Swedish authorities.

There is also information in several different languanges on Radio Sweden

fire prohibition

It is also generally very dry in forests and land along the entire Inlandsbanan stretch between Mora and Gällivare. In several counties there is a total ban of making fire outside, to use barbecues and use of open air cookers. Also do not throw cigarettes on the ground. Be very careful with what you do!

For outdoor campers: a total fire prohibition means that you cannot cook your food outside. Stay at camping sites instead and use services houses with kitchens.