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08 May - 2018

Bring your bike on the train trip

Along Inlandsbanan there are magnificent scenery and the possibilities for small and big adventures are many. It's only you which set the limits of how much adventure you want.

There are great opportunities for bikers along the stretch of Inlandsbanan, both deep forests and bare mountain peaks can be reached directly from the train. If you have your own bike you can book a place for it on the train, several of the destinations also have bicycle rental.

Create your cycling holiday as you like with Inlandsbanan's railpass for hop on/ hop off travel –The Inlandsbanan card

Rent a bike at Jokkmokk Arctic dream, Jokkmokk

In Skrabam, near Jokkmokk,  there are different adventures activities to get into

Read more about the activities on the destinations along Inlandsbanan

More information about what you can do as well as stay and eat, from local entrepreneurs along the track

by bike along Inlandsbanan