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07 Jun - 2016

Bring your bike on the train

New bicycle stands on the trains of Inlandsbanan

In June 20 the summer season starts on Inlandsbanan, and a new thing this year is that you can book space for your bike. There are amazing biking opportunities along the length of Inlandsbanan, both for road cycling and those who like driving in the terrain. You can book space for your bike at the same time as you book your train journey.

– The interest in cycling has grown a lot over the past years, so it feels important to us that our travelers will be able to pursue their interest in connection with their train journey. It has been possible before to bring a bike, but we have not been able to guarantee that there was space for it, says Ulrica Dahlqvist, Inlandsbanan.

Some tips regarding cycling along Inlandsbanan:

Mora: The nature around Siljan i Dalarna is a virtual paradise for cyclists, with everything from winding dirt roads for families, downhill, and nice tarmac roads for the road cyclist. 

Östersund: If you enjoy cycling there is much to choose from around Östersund, beautiful tours near the city, road cycling with wonderful views of both city and mountains, and easy access to mountain bike cycling. Read more.

Dorotea: In and around Dorotea you can find excellent areas for cycling and mountain biking. Doro Camping has maps and route tips. Read more.