Here we have collected all our timetables for tourist and passenger services for the year.


Winter 2016 / spring 2017

The stretch Östersund - Mora - Östersund  is operated daily from the 22nd of December 2016 to the 11th  of June 2017 (not 24th of December).


Summer 2017

12th of June - 20th of August

Daily departures
Östersund - Mora - Östersund
Östersund - Gällivare (ending the 19th of August)
Gällivare - Östersund (starting the 13th of June)
Kristinehamn - Mora - Kristinehamn (3 juli - 12 augusti)

During the summer season you can see where the train will be stopping for food and coffee breaks or for various sights in the timetable.