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Explore the restaurant quarter in Östersund

"Taste of Lapland" is focusing on food and flavours, nature experiences and Sami culture. A new event for the summer season 2017 is a culinary activity i Östersund. In Östersund, food is very important, and the city has been named Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO. This summer, the package tour Taste of Lapland will explore the city's restaurant quarter during a food walk with Manne Mosten. You will be enjoying five different courses at five different venues, including cheese and chocolate tastings. Manne Mosten is an Östersund entrepreneur who has been arranging events and trips focusing...Read more

Happy easter!

from us at Inlandsbanan Elisabeth, Ulrica och Kajsa Opening hours during easter: Thursday 13th of April: 8 am - 5 pm Friday 14th of April - Monday 17th of April: Closed After that Monday - Friday kl. 8 am - 5 pmRead more

Nordic gastronomy and culture in combination with Inlandsbanan and Hurtigruten

A combination of Inlandsbanan and Hurtigruten is an adventure in itself, but joining one of the special departures of this tour, with Manne Mosten as tour leader, will offer a more in-depth experience with culinary overtones. He will be the tour leader and will add extra spice to the trip thanks to his knowledge of Nordic food culture and gastronomy. Manne Mosten is an Östersund entrepreneur who has been arranging events and trips focusing on gastronomy and culture for the past ten years. In addition to Manne acting as guide for the entire trip, enhancing the experience through his vast...Read more

Modern beauty visiting Inlandsbanan

Last week we had this beauty visiting us at Inlandsbanan. We showed this hyper-modern railcar from Gredelj in Croatia on Inlandsbanan to show how modern peson traffic could look like. The visit was a success with both the Croatian ambassador and represents from the Swedish governement attending. The train visited Mora, Orsa, Sveg, Röjan, Svenstavik, Östersund, Lit, Ulriksfors, Vilhelmina, Storuman, Sorsele and Arvidsjaur before it took the ferry (!) back to Croatia again.Read more

Order our brochure

Our summer timetable starts at June 12th, but already you can book your trip with us. Order a free example of our brochure here >> In our package tours we have selected some gems along the track. Train ticket, accommodation and some activities are included. Are you more keen on travel freely the Inlandsbanan card- our own interrail card- is your melody. Welcome to travel with us this summer!Read more